Green by Aaron Taing

    Name: Aaron Taing

    Class: Basic Writing II, XJS Coaching School

    Writing style: Poem

    Teacher: Ms Gutsjahr


    Green is grass,

    Which is found everywhere you go.


    Green is the leaves,

    Which is found on trees.


    Green are mountains.

    Mountains are high which nearly reach the sky.


    Green is a happy colour,

    Which brings no sadness.


    Green are countries,

    Where people live.


    Green is a colour for paper,

    Which people sue to draw.


    Green is an ugly colour for cars,

    Which I don’t want to have.


    Green is a colour on the Earth,

    Which is surrounded by the blue.


    Green is an apple,

    Which tastes really yummy.


    Green is a cucumber,

    Which feels really smooth.


    Green is a vegetable,

    Which smells really nice.


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