IF I WERE FAMOUS by Crystal Ma


    If I were famous, I would be famous because I would have found a cure for a sickness or disease if it hasn’t already been done so.

    My life would probably be different from others because every time I go out I would be surrounded by people asking for my autograph therefore I would have no private space or time to hang out with my friends that are friends with me because of me just being myself and not because I am famous and have a lot of money.

    I would live in a grand house with the most expensive type of chandeliers, soft bouncy sofas and much more. I would live in luxury and have lots of servants that do all the house work for me. I would be surrounded with other houses that have other famous people living in them.

    My life would be really different to others and if I could I might have two jobs at once, so I can help the world be a better place.



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