Target Group (目标群体):

Suitable for students in Year 11 and Year 12 at day schools



Math Methods 3/4 & Specialist Math (数学方法3/4、专业数学)

These two math subjects are taught by a senior VCE math teacher who is good at helping students to understand complex math theories and principles in a simple way. With over ten years’ experience of VCE math coaching, he is an expert of equipping students with the knowledge and problem-solving strategies that could bring them the most fruits in the VCE math exams. Students in their Year 11 at day schools could take these two subjects to either prepare for early VCE exams or make a solid foundation before they select them in Year 12 at day schools.



VCE English & ESL (VCE英语, 英语第二语言)

These two English subjects are taught by a VCE assessor who is familiar with students’ weak areas in VCE exams from the experience of VCE exam paper marking and thus knows very well what skills should be targeted at the stage of preparation.



Classes offered / 级详情


Learning Materials / 教材: