Target Group (目标群体):

Suitable for students in Year 5 at day schools



Year 5 English

In Year 5, students are expected to further develop their skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing in their English classes. Each unit is focused on one type of writing style. Starting from reading the sample passage of a specific writing style, students are expected to extract the main idea of the passage, figure out the point view of the author, understand how the evidences support the author’s opinion and learn the grammars and sentence structures in the passage by doing active in-class discussions and exercises. Apart from face-to-face learning commitment at school, students are also required to do some homework to consolidate what they have learnt on weekends. In the Semester 2 of Year 5, students are supposed to read an English novel under the instruction of their teachers to enlarge their vocabulary and develop the habit of reading regularly.



Year 5 Math

Students in Year 5 Math classes will keep on consolidating their skills of application and calculation involving fractions and decimals, and understanding the relation between decimals and percentages. In the session of measurement, students are supposed to learn how to measure the length and perimeter of regular and irregular areas and work out the volume, capacity and mass of items. In geometry session, students will learn the topics such as angles, intervals, special quadrilaterals and bearings. Graphs and shapes will also be further discussed in Year 5. In number theory, special number patterns, factors, multiples will be the topics mainly concerned. In addition, students will keep on learning how to solve math problems by using strategies and problem-solving skills. Apart from face-to-face learning commitment at school, students are also required to do some homework to consolidate what they have learnt on weekends.



Basic Writing 2 (基础写作2)

In the class of Basic Writing 2, students are exposed to different types of writing such as narrative, imaginative, informative or procedure writing, giving them a good taste of what the types of writing look like, how to describe things using different words, how to develop sentence structures, what makes a story attractive and unusual and what fun could be obtained in English writing, during which English grammar will be explained and practiced when it is necessary. In-class brain storming, discussion, peer review, presentation and interesting games will be integrated to make the experience of English writing enjoyable and productive.



Year 5 Scholarship Testing (5年级奖学金考试班)

Suitable for students intending to sit the scholarship tests in private and government schools

The Year 5 Scholarship Testing class is conducted by doing the test-style English and Math papers in class under a time limit, supplemented with test review and test strategies instruction. Test papers are selected from our database where various types of scholarship test questions are integrated to equip students with the skills to face the challenge of private and government selective entry tests.




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