Target Group (目标群体):

Suitable for students in Year 7 at day schools



Year 7 English

From Year 7, students are exposed to more intensive discussion on various topics involving social affairs, sports, entertainment and politics. Group discussions, presentation and after-class research will be encouraged to help students develop their abilities to express their opinions precisely with sound evidences and prepare themselves for VCE learning at this early stage. In the second semester of Year 7, novel reading will be integrated in the English curriculum, helping students to lengthen their reading lists and strengthen their reading habits.



Year 7 Math

Year 7 Math classes will focus more on the conversion between base 2 numerals, base 10 and base 20, complicated calculation and application of issues involving fractions and directed numbers. There are also topics in algebra and geometry that will be intensively discussed such as algebraic fractions, rules of indices, the Distributive Law, grouping and equations. Various graphs will also be studied in Year 7. In addition, students will keep on learning how to solve math problems by applying strategies and problem-solving skills. Apart from face-to-face learning commitment at school, students are also required to do some homework to consolidate what they have learnt on weekends.



Intermediate Writing 2 (中级写作2)

In the class of Intermediate Writing 2, students are exposed to more styles of writing from narrative and informative writing to discussion and debate, encouraging them to read more widely at home. Excellent articles, news report and issues will also be brought into classroom to encourage discussion, helping students see things in different angles, develop their own opinions and put them in writing. The topics selected are about heat-debated social affairs or latest events, making it easier for students to talk about something they know and making writing relevant to their lives. Students are also expected to learn how to make their writing powerful and meaningful by writing logically, providing suitable supportive evidences and targeting the specific readers.



Year 7 Scholarship Testing (7年级奖学金考试班)

Suitable for students intending to sit the scholarship tests in private and government schools

The Year 7 Scholarship Testing class is conducted by doing the test-style English and Math papers in class under a time limit, supplemented with test review and test strategies instruction. Test papers are selected from our database where various types of scholarship test questions are integrated to equip students with the skills to face the challenge of private and government selective entry tests.




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