Target Group (目标群体):

Suitable for students in Year 9 at day schools



Year 9 English

At the preparation stage of VCE, Year 9 students are expected to learn how to analyze the reading materials, and to understand how and why evidences are used to demonstrate the authors’ intentions and power of writing. The reading resources are mainly selected from the mainstream media such as news papers, TV reports and features, intending to help them think actively about social affairs and issues and learn how to express their opinions with different writing styles. In the second semester of Year 9, novel reading will be integrated in the English curriculum, helping students to lengthen their reading lists and enhance their ability of literature appreciation. The novel recommended is from the VCE novel lists, which help students be familiar with the literature they are going to study in VCE stages and improve their skills of literature appreciation at early as this stage.



Year 9 Math

The topics in Year 9 that will be intensively discussed include rational and irrational numbers, algebra and equations, linear graphs, quadratic equations, quadratic graphs, simultaneous inequations, exponential function, trigonometry and probability. Apart from face-to-face learning commitment at school, students are also required to do some homework to consolidate what they have learnt on weekends.



Advanced Writing 2 (高级写作2)

In the class of Advanced Writing 2, students are exposed to more writing exercises targeting to VCE exams especially in style of persuasion. A large amount of resources about the latest social affairs will be used as the learning materials to stimulate discussion, persuasion and debate within which students are supposed to grasp the skills of influencing their readers in a clever and powerful way. Literature analysis will also be focused to help students work out how every single word and evidence is used by experienced writers to influence the readers, which is also an important part of VCE exams.



Classes offered / 级详情


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