XJS Coaching School Writing Competition 2019 Submission Form


Complete below form and upload your writing work to participate in our Writing Competition. There are three entry levels, but there is no restriction for you to participate higher level than indicated :


Basic Level (Year 3-5): 

Write a story about a secret! It doesn’t have to be real or true. Think about what the secret is about, if you will tell anyone, or what will happen if someone found out.


Intermediate Level (Year 5-7):

If you were famous… Imagine that you are famous. Write a story talking about what you are famous for and how your life is different. Be creative with your ideas and try to include a problem and a resolution.


Advance Level (Year 7-10):

Write a poem or a nonfiction article about global warming. Aim to convince the reader of your point of view through research and persuasive language.



If you are currently a student at XJS Coaching School, please ensure your student number is correctly filled in, so that scholarship will be credit to you electronically. If you are not a student at XJS Coaching School, please leave student number empty. 


The last submission date is 30th June 2019.