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    Nazareth College, Manning Dr. Noble Park North (Melway P80 K6)




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    XJS Coaching School Nazareth Campus is located at Nazareth College.

    At XJS Coaching School Nazareth campus, the staff, students and families know each other very well, and we know the academic strengths and weaknesses of all the students. So we can always have very good and constructive conversations with the parents regarding the progress or learning problems of each individual student.

    We have a team of very caring and professional teachers at XJS Nazareth campus who closely monitor the progress of our students and focus on how they can improve. The students are also well-mannered and generally get on well with each other. This makes for a very harmonious educational environment from which your son or daughter can excel in his or her studies. So please come along and have your children try a lesson at XJS at Nazareth campus. You'll see what a difference XJS can make!



    Campus Admin contact:

    Lucy Zhang
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